Preparing for your exams – what you need to know

As you prepare for your phlebotomy certification, you may be troubled about whether or not you’re really going to ace the exam. That’s normal and in fact a very important thing because it helps your mind keep pushing you to do what’s right, which is to research.

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Attend all classes. The far more classes you miss, the lower the chances of passing the exam due to missing possible practical demonstrations. This will mean you never get to see a professional carry out procedures you may need to know for the exam. It’s an all-natural part of some people to need to wait until exams are 2 weeks away just before we begin to get ready for them. You’re in for something you do not like. Begin to revise earlier and then make this a habit to completely understand a topic before you go forward. You will find until you adapt this, you will have difficulty trying to remember everything.

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A study group can help a lot more than you think. You can read something over and over again but it still might not make any sense, but when someone else explains it to you, this sometimes works! It’s a great way to meet people as well, and you never know how important connections will be in the future. During the week of the examination you should ensure that the week has nothing else going on. You don’t want to be distracted from your exam with various other things going on in your life. So if you can move them, then I recommend it. You’ll be doing your practical tests with someone else viewing and this forces you to nervous. The only way to get over these nerves to ensure you don’t mess up is to practice it with someone watching over you. Maybe ask someone from your study group, then you can do the same with them. You may pick up on things that you both missed.

Make sure the night before the exam you get a lot of sleep and are fully rested. Try not to cram any last minute notes before the exam, as this will stress you out and could cause issues when in the exam. You know your stuff as you’ve been preparing for months, so an extra few minutes aren’t going to help. Have a big healthy breakfast the morning of the exam, this will help your brain stay awake during the exam. You should pass with flying colors and now have your phlebotomy certification

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